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To all participants in the #miga50 competition – thanks for sharing your living legend. Thanks for showing great commitment. Thanks for being such an inspiration. And thanks for keeping the green machines alive. The competition has ended and we’re currently contacting the winners. We’ll contact the winners directly by e-mail and then announce their names on this page.


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Leaderboard of legends


1970 - The birth of Migatronic

Migatronic was founded in September 1970 in the northern part of Denmark. The very first Migatronic was a C02 welding machine for repair of old cars. The oil crisis in the early 70’s increased the auto trade’s interest in welding machines and boosted sales.

1980 - Rising export world wide

We receive the first orders to Egypt, USA and China. It becomes obvious that manufacturing companies all over the world are ready for high-tech welding machines. The export share reaches 65 per cent.

1984 - Migatronic goes public

Migatronic shares become quoted on the Copenhagen Stock Exchange. At this point, the production area in Fjerritslev has been extended. Export shares are growing inside and outside Europe.

1991 - New standards for production

Migatronic is the first welding machine manufacturer in the EU to be ISO 9001 certified. The certification entails new systemized standards for the production and distribution of welding machines.

2000 - 30 years in the business

During 30 years in the welding business, we have exported over 300,000 welding machines. We are looking into a new millennium with big optimism. A new multi-process power source provides new possibilities for the development of welding machines.

2009 - At exhibition in Germany

We exhibit at SCHWEISSEN & SCHNEIDEN in Germany, the world's leading welding fair, for the sixth time. Innovations include Intelligent Gas Control (IGC®), which enables up to 50% reduction of gas consumption, and TIG-A-Tack for fixation of workpieces in austenitic stainless steel, without using root protection gas. Two functions still relevant in modern welding productions.

2018 - The CoWelder is introduced

We introduce the very first CE-approved collaborative welding robot on the market and call it CoWelder. ‘Co’ is taken from the word ‘co-worker’ because now, welders and robots are working closer together than ever before. The CoWelder enables welding productions to be extremely flexible when it comes to welding small and large batch sizes.

2020 - 50 years anniversary

This year, we celebrate that it is 50 years since we created the first Migatronic welding machine. We do so by paying tribute to all welders who have used their green machines throughout the years and still use them. The special Migatronic culture, created through generations of welders and welding machines, still exists and lives on in workshops and production halls around the world.

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